3 thoughts on “Are there any pagan, Wicca, or witchcraft stores in Buffalo, NY or closely it’s surrounding area?”

  1. I’m not sure how any of these are, but these are the closest I could find to Buffalo:

    The Sacred Circle (Batavia)
    Diana’s New Age Boutique (Bethany)
    Wendy’s Wings (Caledonia)
    Amy K’s Mystic Corner (Lewiston)
    Herbal Magick Inc. (Lockport)

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  2. There are a couple, but I find them fairly lame…okay, really really lame. You’ll do better just shopping at the fair trade and boutique places on Allen and/or Elmwood.

    Here’s the shops listing for New York State:

    Frankly, I’ve been thinking of opening one up, since the ones we have are tourist traps.

    There is also a completely unimpressive Buffalo Pagans mailing list on yahoo groups.

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